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On a Pedal

We provide a tour in the heart of Bengaluru City showcasing the rich heritage. In the tour you will be hearing lots of interesting stories of which every second will mesmerise you!

We move around the city through the by-lanes, using bicycles. This provides a vista of experiences that show Bengaluru's cultural history, and you can also observe the everyday life of the Banglorean .

Of course, no experience of a culture can be considered complete without a sampling of its cuisine, so (included in the tour) we also ensure that after the invigorating exercise of biking around the city with a few snack breaks, you also get a taste of authentic South Indian food at a Century old restaurant


The restaurant is famous for its oriental variety as much as its taste and ambience.

                 Our Team


Raghu is a 3rd generation Bangalorean, proud of his city and cycling is his passion.

Living here for the past 30 years plus & hearing about Bengaluru from his parents and grand parents, he has great local knowledge of Bengaluru which no book can provide. Studied at MSRIT, Currently working as an engineer at Pioneer Filters (our Family run Business). He is passionate about Bengaluru and loves to explore new places and meet new people!


Shobita is a travel loving engineer who has spent half a decade at an MNC. After having- the “Been-there-done-that” tag, she decided to pursue her dream of Travelling. A Bellary born music and dance admirer post her Delhi By Cycle tour in 2014, was thrilled about the idea. She realized that Bengaluru needed this angle to its tourism and joined hands with Raghu to start onApedal.


Joining the wagon is the B-School Marketing degree holder- Nithya.  His love of getting lost in the new cities whilst meeting new people, he is enterprising and happy-go-lucky too!! 
Being born and bred in the Garden City he knows the ins-and-outs of the city, and hence is an able guide to conduct the off-beat tours across the traditional parts of Bengaluru.

Shobita, Cofounder
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