Pete Tour 

Daily Tour - 3.5 hours tour of Old and Historical Bengaluru
Price - Rs 1,750/-
Distance - 12 kms
Cycling ability - Basic Skills to professional
Starts at 6:30 AM
Meeting Point - Adinarayaswamy Temple, Cottonpet mainroad

Pete Tour description in detail

This is one of a kind cycling tour through the old parts of Bengaluru where you will get to see it very closely. A street cycling tour where you will be hearing lots of interesting stories and of which every second will mesmerise you!

We will start our tour from the Cottonpete area, which is named after the famous cotton sarees manufactured here and worn by brides. We will then visit Tawakkal Mastan Dargah which is approx 200 years old and named after the sufi saint who worked as a mason under Tipu Sultan/ Hyder Ali. 

Moving on, we will visit KR market where you will be amazed with the sheer amount of people who visit this place. Variety of flowers that you will see here will be a treat to your eyes. We will then take you through the calm and serene Cubbon park, one of the biggest parks in India. You will get to know the reason for the creation of this park and you will virtually be transported to the British era where you will visualise Sir Mark Cubbon and other British officers riding on their horse through the beautiful streets of Bengaluru. You will also get a chance to visit the Cubbonpete area which still retains the old world charm and has a community house and saree making factory, which we will also explore.

We will end our tour with Masala Dosa at a legendary 90 year old restaurant Udupi Krishna Bhavan.

The dargahs, temples, markets, streets, parks with all their beautiful colors, smells and sounds undoubtedly make this tour a life time experience.

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