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This is my first blog and I am very excited to share you some information about KR Market

My name is Raghu Gopala, Co Founder of ‘On a pedal’. We conduct daily city cycling tours early morning showing the life of Bengaluru.

What is an adventure? The dictionary meaning says 'an unusual and exciting or daring experience'. I believe cycling or walking around/inside KR Market is an adventure in itself.

First a little history about the place - KR Market popularly known as City market is located right in the heart of Bengaluru City. It was a water tank till the 18th century and also became a battlefield during Anglo- Mysore wars. Farmers from surrounding villages came and sold their produce and very soon the place became popular and a market was constructed in the year 1927 by then Mysore King 'Shri Krishnarajendra Wodeyar’. Other history about this place is it is situated close the Mysuru gate of the old fort of 'Pete' area, where the daughter in law of Kempegowda - Lakshmamma sacrificed herself so that the gate of the fort doesn’t collapse as was suggested by astrologers.

Cut to present day -Situated right in the heart of the city, it is busy with people throughout the day, every day (yes there is no holiday). You have to make space to move here on a normal day. Imagine festival days where the crowd multiplies by at least 3 times. But I have been here a number of times – on normal days, festival days but the market still fascinates me every time with its colors, smell and not to forget ‘the chaos’.

Walking itself requires focus, concentration in this busy market. Imagine we cycle everyday during our tours (this is the second place we visit on the ‘Pete Tour’). Now you will start wondering if it is really possible to cycle? Believe me it is possible and is enjoyable too. We enter market through a very narrow road from the west side; the road is full of fruit stalls on either side with small hotels and tea shops here and there. Once we come to the exit of this narrow road you will be greeted with abundance of green color, Vendors sell a variety of herbs here. Coriander, curry and mint leaves being the main ones. At this point I always have Massopu Saaru (a curry normally mixed with rice made of at least 5 herbs) in my mind, Any native Bangalorean is eager to have Massopu saaru for lunch. Sun is slowing rising and is in bright orange color (usually we will be at this point at 7:00 AM). And I start feeling bliss and happy with the setting (this happens every time on the tour). We now ride carefully through the street in front of the Market Building. By the time, we park our cycles, I see a grin on the faces of all riders.

We now enter the market from the main entrance passing through many vegetable and herbs vendors. At the entrance we see a big photograph of Kempegowda (founder of Bengaluru) and Krishnarajendra (Mysuru King). We pass through the flower stalls where they sell flower garlands for Gods, goddess, weddings, and dead bodies (oops). We then go to the most important part of city market – its flower market. No words can describe the sight you see, the variety of flowers with lots of color and sweet fragrance is a treat to the eyes and one cannotds forget the simple smiling faces of the peopl With Pooja items (Hindu items for worship) shop known in Kannada as Granthike Angadi, I feel energized and spiritual. I am asked a lot of questions here which I normally answer when I take everyone to the 2nd floor as it is very noisy in the ground floor. The view from the top (second floor) is breathtaking.

We then exit the market at the fruit market side with lots and lots of memories and energized with the energy of the market. We then head towards avenue road cycling where we have encounter some more flower stalls and lots of people and by the time we reach chikpet-avenue road junction the crowd and market is behind us and with less people and a pleasant weather we head towards Yelahanka gate and later towards Cubbon park which I will tell in a new blog.

Some points to note down

  • It is best to enter market from the first entrance from mysore road side and it really makes a difference in the overall experience

  • For the foodies - Raghavendra Coffee Club on the back side of market building is a heaven with mouth watering Idlies,Vadas, Poori and Coffee

  • If you are visiting in morning, also try tea at the road side stall near Raja market on Avenue road

  • Bengaluru Fort and Tipu palace is walking distance from KR Market

  • If you are taking a metro, get down in Chikpet metro station instead of Krishna Rajendra market station. Chikpet metro station is adjacent to the market building. (strange metro station names- that’s Bangalore for you)

  • If you have more time, visit 2 beautiful dargahs on avenue road.

  • The Jamia Mosque on Mysore road is an architectural wonder

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